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Blurry Lights


Handmade by me.

The pattern I’m following didn’t identify the creator.

Dragon Hatchlings are just coming out of the shell. Wings and head are out. The actual dragon cannot be removed from the shell. It’s all one piece. These little guys are stuffed with fish gravel in the base to keep them upright and softer stuffing materials in the top parts.

Approximate size: 3” high

Actual size might vary a bit depending on how heavy the yarn is.

Customizable parts:

  • Egg color – If I can find yarn the color you want, good to go.

  • Dragon color – Likewise.

  • Eye type – lockback eyes (blue, red, yellow, green, brown, or solid black), buttons or beads (any color I can find), or embroidered (any color floss I can find).

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